DOLCEDI’ – 350 g

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It is a natural and sweet habit.

DolceDì is the sugar that not there: the natural sugar contained in organic apples. Rigoni di Asiago, always paying attention to the needs of the consumer, extracts it and offers it in practical packets.

DolceDì thanks to its composition made up of natural types of sugar it enriches the taste of drinks and cakes. Is liquid, easy to proportion and to dissolve both in warm and cold drinks. Has a high percentage of fructose (more than 50% of the total amount) and it sweetens more than sugar with a more than 20% lower caloric content. DolceDì is the right answer to a sound and correct diet. Its daily use helps in keeping in good health. Is an unbeatable ingredient in the kitchen where it enriches the taste of ice, fruit salads, cakes, yoghurt and much more.

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