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1. Scope
This is the official website of VLCR SPECIALFOOD and this site operates for your
information, and as a means of communication. The personal data you send using the site will naturally be treated confidentially.
With this declaration on the protection of data, VLCR SPECIALFOOD intends explain how to proceed with your data and what security. The rules defined below refer to the site Internet
The VLCR SPECIALFOOD reserves the right to change the privacy data any time. The changes are binding.

2. Exclusion of liability
No liability is assumed by the VLCR SPECIALFOOD (including liability for negligence) that result from the elements of this website or from their use (or inability to access or use it).
The website contains links to websites of third parties. Please keep in mind that the VLCR SPECIALFOOD not manage these sites and they are not submitted to any surveillance. We decline, therefore, responsibility for the content of these sites and for the respect of the provisions on data protection of their managers.

3. Data transmission via internet
The data transmission between you and VLCR SPECIALFOOD is performed via the Internet. Please note that the Internet is an open network, freely accessible to all, and that therefore it is not an environment essentially safe. Although, in principle, the individual data packets can be transmitted in encrypted form, the sender and the receiver can not be hidden.
Maybe the rest of that although the sender and recipient are in Switzerland, the data circulating on the network International are transferred abroad, maybe in a country with a level of data protection to the lower Swiss level. Therefore VLCR SPECIALFOOD assumes no liability or guarantee regarding the security of your data during transmission via the Internet at its website.

4. Collection and processing of information
When you access the website of VLCR SPECIALFOOD, various access data (address IP, the date and time of your visit, the name of the document displayed etc.) Are stored in a “log file “(a kind of working relationship of the computer, the website sends you). There shall be no analysis of a personal nature. The data are analyzed in anonymous form for statistical purposes, for example to determine how many times during the course of a day.
The data is treated as strictly confidential and will not be transmitted outside the VLCR SPECIALFOOD nor made accessible to other third parties, except as required by current legislation and especially in the event of such request by the investigating authorities.

5. Cookies
When you connect to the website of VLCR SPECIALFOOD, in the memory of your computer recorded a small file (so-called “cookies”). This used primarily for the detection of the exact number of visits (“visits”) and does not in any case the observation or storage of behavior of individual visitors.

6. Data Security
Secure storage of your personal data is guaranteed.

7. Contact
For any questions regarding processing of personal data, for their correction or cancellation please contact the following office: