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1. The products are delivered to the address specified by the customer order.

2. Following the general rule, our items are in storage and are delivered daily working, due within 3 to 5 days.
All items that are not in storage are delivered according to the availability of stock within 7/15 days. If an item can not be delivered to the head of the 30 days, the order is automatically canceled and the customer is informed by e-mail. In case of late unusual, the VLCR SPECIALFOOD informs the customer by e-mail.

3. Items are normally delivered by post.

4. The delivery deadlines indicated by VLCR SPECIALFOOD is provided for information purposes only.
VLCR SPECIALFOOD and its partners strive to respect the delivery times. However, the non-compliance with the deadline does not cancel the order, compensation or delay penalties.

5. The shipping costs are borne by the customer and are billed as follows (costs Shipping listed apply only to orders coming from our shopping deals online):

Gift Certificates (recommended) Fr. 6.00
PostPac Economy Fr. 10.00

6. Unless otherwise stated, the VLCR SPECIALFOOD reserves the right to make deliveries complete or partial. In case of partial delivery, the shipping charges will be billed one once the price of a full delivery.

7. For safety reasons, the VLCR SPECIALFOOD can not make deliveries that have as address mailboxes.

8. Deliveries are limited to the territory of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

9. The delivery is deemed to occur at the moment in which the product is delivered to the customer by the carrier.