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1. General
These general conditions of sale apply to all purchases of products or services provided on website of VLCR SPECIALFOOD (
The offers of products and services on-line as well as the prices are valid until still visible on the site and up to while stocks last. Drawings or images appearing on the site just as the title for illustrative and are not part of Conditions. The information on catalogs and explanations are to be considered as an indication and not constitute contractual documents.
The VLCR SPECIALFOOD declines any liability for any errors or omissions related to drawings or images.
2. Prices
Price indications are never binding. Prices include taxes (VAT) but do not include shipping charges which will be billed separately. All orders are payable solely in Swiss francs.
The VLCR SPECIALFOOD reserves the right to change its prices at any time, the prices charged customer for the products ordered are those that were in force on the day on which it is made the order. Discounts and gift certificates are calculated directly online and deducted from the order total.
3. Ordering
The sending of the order by the customer implies his adherence to these general conditions of sale in their integrity.
The VLCR SPECIALFOOD reserves the right to refuse all orders for a customer with whom there is a litigation relating to a non-payment of a previous order.
4. Payment
The invoice price is the price indicated on the order confirmation is sent by VLCR SPECIALFOOD customer.
Unless special stipulations all products and services are payable: by bank transfer or bill of payment within 15 days of receipt of goods.
All payment transactions are carried out in the area of security. For all new customers we require the first payment in advance.
In case of partial delivery will be billed only delivered products and related shipping.
5. Returns and complaints
And ‘the customer’s responsibility to check the goods upon delivery and to express reservations and complaints in the event of errors or non-compliance; these reserves and complaints should be directed to VLCR SPECIALFOOD by e-mail or letter as soon as possible and at most 8 days after delivery.
The VLCR SPECIALFOOD changes or takes more products only if they are in the original.
As a general rule, all items returned incomplete, spoiled, damaged or soiled not will be resumed. The shipping costs in the case of a delivery of the goods shall be borne by the customer.
6. Termination Clause
The total or partial non-performance by the customer of any of its obligations and the non-respect of a pay date will put VLCR SPECIALFOOD in condition: to require payment of the amount due, suspend all deliveries, terminate the contract in progress.
For any and all late payment after the deadline will be calculated at the commercial interests market rate. Costs caused by the collection of the related receivable are assumed by the customer.
7. Governing Law / complaints
This agreement is governed by Swiss law.
Each and any legal challenge will be the responsibility of the Court of Lugano.